Free Mental Wellness Support Program (MWSP)

We are here to help you navigate life's challenges. Receive five (5) free therapy sessions, tailored to support you through life-changing events, everyday struggles, or when stress, anxiety, depression, or hopelessness become overwhelming. Our licensed clinicians are ready to provide culturally relevant care. Take the first step towards healing today.


Experience transformative connections through BLHF Hangouts! Join our Psychoeducational Hangouts for supportive conversations addressing a wide range of mental health topics. Discover holistic well-being in our Integrated Wellness Hangouts, featuring practices like yoga and meditation. You will also find traditional African-centered practices like dance and drumming to connect the body and spirit to ancestral roots. Immerse yourself in Joy Pop-Up Salons, where community and mental health resources converge. Embrace healing, empowerment, and joy in these engaging and inclusive gatherings. Let's come together and thrive in a safe and nurturing space.

BLHF Scholarship Fund

BLHF is transforming the mental health landscape by increasing the number of therapists who practice cultural humility. With statistics revealing a significant lack of representation for African Americans in the psychology workforce–85% are white, while only 4% are Black–the Foundation's scholarships provide vital opportunities for aspiring African American mental health professionals. Ongoing support is crucial to sustain and expand the program's impact. By investing in our scholarships, donors contribute to a more inclusive society, breaking down barriers and empowering individuals to provide support to marginalized communities. Let’s build a brighter future, where mental health care is equitable, diverse, and compassionate.

Wellness Wednesdays

Once a month, we bring our integrative wellness and psychoeducational Hangouts to HBCU campuses nationwide, offering engaging programming for college students. Join us as we prioritize your well-being, bringing the modalities of wellness directly to your campus. Discover new ways to nurture your mental health, mentally prepare for joining the workforce and global society, and thrive in a supportive community.

Boris L. Henson Foundation Wellness Pods

These innovative structures bring hassle-free access to mental health resources to non-traditional spaces, conveniently located where African Americans gather. Our first series of installations will be placed on HBCU campuses nationwide, prioritizing campuses committed to student wellness. Our pods are tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring accessible support for mental well-being. We invite individuals, groups, and organizations to partner with us in prioritizing mental well-being and bringing wellness pods to your community. Embark on a transformative journey of self-care, connection, and empowerment.

African American Cultural Humility Training

Deepen your understanding of the unique worldview and experiences of African Americans and its impact on mental health and treatment. Delve into the complexities and cultural nuances that shape well-being while developing the ability to recognize and address cultural blind spots. Enhance your capacity for inclusive and effective care through this transformative program.

The Unspoken Curriculum

The Unspoken Curriculum is a powerful force in our schools, influencing how students perceive themselves and others in society. Consider the example of the Black student who learns to value athleticism over intelligence, or the white student who observes the unfair criminalization of their Black classmates' everyday behaviors. These experiences shape students' understanding of their identities and contribute to disparities within our education system. By recognizing and addressing the Unspoken Curriculum, we can work towards creating a healthier and more equitable educational environment that nurtures the minds and well-being of all students.