Psychoeducational Hangouts

These supportive gatherings address common topics within our community, fostering guided conversations that encourage active listening and the sharing of experiences. Curated for all age groups and genders, these Hangouts provide a safe space to discuss and learn from one another, led by select therapists in our Resource Guide. Come join us and be part of the transformative conversations we facilitate.

Integrated Wellness Hangouts

These engaging sessions provide accessible opportunities to prioritize mental wellness through self-regulation. Explore the transformative power of yoga, meditation, sound therapy, African dance, plant therapy, art, and somatic healing modalities. Our modalities are designed to reach a wide audience simultaneously, making it easy to participate and benefit. Experience the proven ways to cultivate joy through integrated wellness practices. Discover the transformative essence of holistic well-being.

Joy Salons

These special events, held in partnership with trusted national community resources, take place in Beauty Salons, Barbershops, and community centers across the nation. As part of the BLHF 'Meeting You Where You Are' initiative, we bring comfortable conversations and vital resources about Mental Health to the places where our communities naturally gather. Come experience the power of community support and prioritize your well-being.