Our commitment to the community runs deep.

Nurturing the potential of our young adults is a core value, and this is exemplified through our Mental Health Scholarship program. This initiative holds tremendous significance as it not only offers academic opportunities, but also serves as a crucial resource that empowers African American students nationwide to pursue careers in the mental health field by alleviating their educational expenses.

Our scholarship program comprises three categories that hold the power to shape generations to come: Foundation, Legacy, and Heritage.

Foundation Scholarships (Annual) - $10,000

BLHF recognizes the substantial barriers African-American students face in pursuing careers in this vital sector. Every year, we proudly offer our Foundation Scholarship amounting to $10,000, an initiative sustained through heartfelt contributions from supporters like you. We do it because we believe in the transformative power of education and the critical role of representation in the mental health sphere.

Legacy Scholarship (Annual) - $10,000

This scholarship offers an annual opportunity for exceptional students to further their education in the mental health field. By investing in this scholarship, you contribute to a legacy of change and progress, one year at a time.

Heritage Scholarship (Endowed) - $500,000

Our endowed Heritage Scholarship program carries a monumental impact. With a substantial investment, you can create an enduring legacy of support for African American students pursuing careers in mental health. This scholarship can be named annually or in perpetuity, ensuring that future generations have the resources they need to become culturally competent therapists.

Our Vision

At the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, we envision a future where the stigma around mental health issues in the Black community is eradicated. The statistics are stark: African Americans are the least likely to seek mental health treatment. We are unwavering in our commitment to rewrite the narrative, dispelling the history of silence and stigma. Our mission is to encourage and empower individuals grappling with mental health challenges to seek the help they deserve.

Promoting Cultural Humility

A cornerstone of our foundation is to amplify the number of culturally relevant therapists. The current reality is concerning: the psychology workforce is overwhelmingly composed of 85% white professionals, leaving a mere 4% representation of Black professionals. These figures are not just statistics; they are barriers that discourage Black individuals from seeking care due to the scarcity of relatable providers.

Memorial Scholarships: Turning Loss into JOY

Suicide has left a profound impact on our communities, with alarming statistics underscoring the urgency of the issue:

• Suicide rates for Black girls aged 13 to 19 surged by 182% between 2001 and 2017.
• Suicide ranks as the second leading cause of death among Black children aged 10 to 19.
• In 2014, 80% of suicide deaths in the Black community were men.

Our Legacy and Heritage scholarships can be transformed into memorial scholarships, honoring the memory of a loved one and raising awareness about the pressing matter of suicide in our communities. This act of remembrance can extend beyond grief, fostering a celebration of life, healing, and ultimately, JOY.

Join Us in Making a Difference

By supporting our Mental Health Scholarship Fund, you contribute to a brighter and more inclusive future. Your involvement helps dismantle barriers, foster cultural competence, and empower African American students to become adept mental health practitioners. Together, we are not only changing individual lives, but also reshaping the landscape of mental health care for generations to come.

Empower the future. Erase the stigma. Embrace the change.

Thank You to Our Supporters