Give the Gift of Joy!

Give the Gift of Joy this Holiday Season! Your support fuels our mission at the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. Our goal is to create safe spaces, provide resources, foster Joy, and change the narrative around Mental Health in the Black Community. We’re on a path to give 1 million hours of free mental health services over the next five years! With your help and through awareness campaigns, culturally competent resources, psychoeducational hangouts and timely, action-oriented initiatives, we seek to provide the community with mental freedom.


Make a meaningful impact on mental health in the Black community through your donations to BLHF! Your generous contributions support our initiatives, including scholarships for aspiring mental health professionals, community outreach programs, the expansion of culturally relevant therapy resources, and more. Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference in breaking down barriers to care and empowering individuals. Join us in creating a more equitable and inclusive mental health landscape by making a donation today.

More Ways To Give

Discover more ways to give and make a lasting impact. Become a monthly donor and provide ongoing support to BLHF’s mission of improving mental health in Black communities. Your consistent contribution helps sustain our programs and services. Additionally, you can donate your change by connecting your card to round up purchases to the next dollar, effortlessly making a difference with each transaction. Choose the giving option that resonates with you and join us in creating positive change in mental health.

Impact Investing

Consider impact investing with BLHF, where philanthropic support not only generates returns but also creates positive social change. By investing in mental wellness initiatives and programs, you contribute to building a healthier and more equitable society. Join us in making a lasting impact by aligning your investments with your values. Together, we can drive meaningful change and improve mental health outcomes in Black communities.

Volunteer Your Time

Your time and dedication can create a lasting impact in improving mental health in Black communities. From event support to outreach initiatives, there are various ways to get involved. Become a part of our passionate team and contribute to a healthier, more supportive community.

Partnership Opportunities

Elevate your corporate social responsibility by partnering with the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation to drive change, promote inclusivity, and eradicate the mental health stigma in the Black community. Collaborate on impactful initiatives, showcase your commitment to equity, and make a lasting difference. Together, we're transforming lives and reshaping the future. Be a part of this vital change today.

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