Help Us Rewrite The Unspoken Curriculum

The Black student who learns to value athleticism over intelligence. The white student who observes the criminalization of everyday behaviors of Black classmates. The system that gives vital resources to some students, but not others. What is learned in the classroom goes far beyond the lesson plans.

“What is taught in the classroom can be very different from what is learned, and that disparity has detrimental effects on the growth and mindset of Black students.” - Taraji P. Henson, Founder, Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

The life lessons students learn about race in school are not always in the lesson plan, but they are lessons students carry with them into adulthood. The Unspoken Curriculum addresses the mental health impact the education system places on students, particularly Black students, ages 12-22.

The mission of The Unspoken Curriculum stands on four pillars:


Combat Implicit Bias:

Implicit biases wreak havoc on mental well-being. We unite to aid Black youth, parents, educators, and administrators in recognizing signs of trauma and distress, fostering a more supportive environment.

Empower Youth Voices:

We encourage young people to reclaim their voices, share their personal stories, and stand up for their mental well-being. Empowerment paves the way for open discussions, protective actions, and seeking support when needed.

Advocate for Change:

The Unspoken Curriculum challenges the norms by questioning and reshaping the lessons taught to Black students. Our mission is to drive meaningful transformation within classrooms, promoting equity and inclusivity.

Catalyze Action:

Together, we spark tangible change not only among students but also within the educational system and the broader society. Our collective efforts shape the experiences that set the tone for each young person’s future.

Unlocking New Perspectives, One Mind at a Time

The impact of The Unspoken Curriculum transcends school walls, shaping young minds' perceptions of self and others within society. Together, we have the power to redefine the messages conveyed within our educational institutions, creating a healthier environment for the minds of our students.

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Start the Conversation

The first step in rewriting The Unspoken Curriculum is to start the dialogue. Use our discussion guide to initiate conversations around mental health and bias within the educational framework. Together, we're laying the foundation for a more equitable and mentally resilient generation