BLOGThe Unspoken Curriculum

The Black student who learns to value athleticism over intelligence. The white student who observes the criminalization of everyday behaviors of Black classmates. The system that gives vital resources to some students, but not others. What is learned in the classroom goes far beyond the lesson plans. This Unspoken Curriculum shapes how youth view themselves—and each other—in society. Together, we can help change what’s really communicated in our schools to make it a healthier place for the minds of our students.


Source: US DOE, OCR data, 2014 & 2016; UNCF, K-12 Disparity Facts and Statistics, Feb 2015

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Talk About It

One of our after school hangout sessions where students, parents, and teachers can be open and honest about their personal experiences.

Doing The Homework

The first step in rewriting the Unspoken Curriculum is talking about it. Use this discussion guide to help guide your conversations around mental health and bias in the education system.

Discussion Guide

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