You are invited to the Cultural Humility Training

We are delighted to announce the offering of a transformative opportunity by The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation (BLHF). Join us for a profound exploration of Cultural Humility through the BLHF Cultural Humility Workshop. This immersive and interactive training is meticulously crafted to enrich cultural awareness and humility among PGCPS staff, including teachers, contractors, counselors, and administrators.

The BLHF Cultural Humility Workshop is an essential endeavor for individuals and educational institutions dedicated to nurturing inclusive and respectful environments that recognize and celebrate the wealth of cultural diversity.

This transformative training program goes beyond the bounds of cultural competence to advocate for cultural humility

Our foundation provides comprehensive training in Cultural Humility. By participating, attendees will:

1. Understand Cultural Humility: Participants will learn the principles of cultural humility, including self-reflection, recognizing biases, and the lifelong commitment to
learning and creating empathy and human relations with people across the cultural spectrum.

2. Develop Skills: The workshop will equip attendees with practical skills to engage effectively in cross-cultural interactions, improve communication and empathy, and
build bridges among people.

3. Create Actionable Strategies: We will provide strategies for implementing cultural humility practices in professional settings, ensuring a lasting impact beyond the workshop.