Join the #1MillionHours Joy Challenge: Transforming Mental Health in the Black Community

We proudly present the BLHF + BET One Million Hours Joy Challenge, an unprecedented partnership that's set to redefine the way we care for one another.

Empowering Care, Enabling Change

At the core of this movement is a simple yet powerful idea: providing one million hours of free mental health services for the Black community. We recognize the unique challenges that individuals, families, and groups face in accessing mental health resources. That's why we're breaking down barriers and bringing support directly to you, where you are most comfortable.

Reaching Every Corner, Breaking Every Stigma

Imagine finding the support you need in places you never expected. From festivals that celebrate our culture, to HBCU college campuses that shape our futures, from the heart of the entertainment industry to the locker rooms where athletes inspire us – we're making mental health resources accessible in spaces that matter.

We understand that traditional approaches often fall short, and that's why we're championing non-traditional avenues. The recording studios, the community centers, the salons and barbershops – these are the places where conversations flourish, where understanding begins, and where stigma fades away.

Your Invitation to Choose Joy

Research tells us that mental health conditions touch one in four Black adults, yet only one in three receive the care they need. We're rewriting this narrative, empowering our community to choose joy over silence, strength over stigma.

Join hands with the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation and BET in the #JoyOverEverything Challenge. By supporting this movement, you're enabling a fundamental shift in how we approach mental health. Your contribution, your commitment, and your compassion will light the way toward one million hours of healing, understanding, and growth.

Make an Impact, Donate Today

Ready to be a part of the change? It starts with a simple action. Text "CHOOSEJOY" to 707070 to make a difference. Your donation will fuel the transformation, allowing us to bring vital mental health services to those who need them the most.

Together, we're redefining care. Together, we're dismantling barriers. Together, we're choosing joy.

Join us in the One Million Hours Joy Challenge. Because caring for our community is an honor, a privilege, and a responsibility we all share.