BLOGTaraji P. Henson Brings A New Level of Joy

Delve into the Exclusive Event Hosted by The Boris L. Henson Foundation, where History and Modern Advocacy Collide for Mental Health Awareness

BLHF’s groundbreaking Joy Joints! Initiative reached its pinnacle with the grand finale–BoBo’s Joy Joint–an exclusive gathering held on October 30th at the Planet Word Museum in Washington, D.C. Hosted by Taraji P. Henson, this soirée not only marked the successful conclusion of a heartfelt campaign dedicated to spreading joy and supporting mental health but also served as a poignant tribute to Taraji’s father, Boris L. Henson, fondly known as BoBo. Generously sponsored by BET, Pinterest, and Amazon, this grand affair was a testament to the commitment to raising 100,000 hours of joy and $1 million for community mental health services. BoBo’s Joy Joint was not merely a private event; it embodied a month-long dedication by BLHF to uplift the community, culminating in a spectacular grand finale that blended historical significance with modern advocacy.

BoBo’s Joy Joint transported attendees to the Prohibition era, offering an enchanting evening filled with the essence of juke joints, Speakeasy jazz, and disco rhythms. This immersive experience was not just an entertainment event but a meaningful celebration of the collective impact achieved in mental health advocacy. The event’s festive atmosphere was a perfect blend of historical ambiance and modern commitment to a vital cause.

The event’s success was a testament to the power of community and collaboration in addressing critical issues like mental health. Through the support of sponsors and attendees, the initiative significantly contributed to providing free mental health services to underserved Black communities. BoBo’s Joy Joint was more than an event; it symbolized hope, joy, and the ongoing commitment to mental health advocacy, leaving a lasting impression on all who were part of this remarkable journey.

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