BLOGApril Provider Spotlight: Marcus Mason, EdD, LCPC, NCC

Embracing Movement as Self-Care: Transformative Therapeutic Practices at Minds In Motion

In our ongoing mission to celebrate outstanding contributions to mental health and wellness, we are delighted to spotlight Marcus Mason as our February Provider of the Month. As the CEO and Psychotherapist at Minds In Motion Therapeutic Services LLC, Marcus embodies a passion for breaking down barriers and promoting mental well-being, particularly within the Black community. His journey into counseling psychology is marked by a deep commitment to supporting others and challenging the stigma surrounding mental health.

Personal Touch

BLHF: How do you incorporate your personality and passions into your work with clients?

Marcus: “I love to show up and be my most authentic self. I lead with this in all sessions and spaces. If I show up authentically, it allows my clients to release the wall, barrier, or mask that they wear in the world so we can address their needs. I take an eclectic approach to my sessions while allowing my passion of support and growth to be the backbone of treatment. We have accountability without prosecution. If my clients state they want to work on something, then we will figure it out together.”

Innovative Approaches

BLHF: What unique methods or techniques do you use in your practice to support the mental well-being of your clients?

Marcus: “At Minds In Motion, we tailor each session to the client’s psychological needs both mentally and emotionally. We also work to implement new and innovative coping skills for all clients. We particularly support the idea of movement as self-care. Through movement, the body begins to release several chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins, and/or serotonin depending on the movement. These releases support growth and positivity in the mind of each client through tough life circumstances.”

Tech and Tools

BLHF: Are there any apps or online resources you recommend for self-care or mental health management?

Marcus: “These apps have worked wonders for some clients and friends:

  • Calm
  • Stop Breathe and Think (kids may use also)
  • Headspace
  • Insight Timer”

Breaking Stigma

BLHF: What do you think is the biggest misconception about mental health among young adults today, and how do you address it in your practice?

Marcus: “I believe one of the biggest misconceptions about mental health in general is that many believe that seeing a therapist means something is wrong. Seeing a therapist routinely can be best practice. One way we explain this to people is talking about the dentist. When we go to the dentist, we get a cleaning and x-rays to make sure our teeth are in a good place. We get yearly physicals to make sure that our overall health is okay. So shouldn’t we also check in on our mental health. The brain is an organ and arguably one of the most important ones. We should be able to check on that too!”

Self-Care Tips

BLHF: Can you share any quick tips or practices that young adults can incorporate into their daily routines to boost their mental health?

Marcus: “Day-to-day routines are major to boost mental and holistic well-being. This is what I do and what I would recommend to others:

  • Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day
  • No social media until 9am or after 10pm
  • Monthly massages
  • Having a support system that you can actually call
  • Cleaning or tidying up your living quarters at least weekly
  • Decompressing from the day with a hobby you love
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Eating what you deem healthy
  • Allotted time without electronics
  • Lean into family activities”

Pop Culture and Mental Health

BLHF: Are there any TV shows, movies, or books that you recommend for their positive portrayal of mental health?

Marcus: “I love good self-help and empowering books. These are the books that I usually recommend:

  • Atomic Habits
  • The Untethered Soul
  • You Owe You
  • The Way of the Superior Man
  • Don’t Believe Everything You Think”

Future Trends

BLHF: What emerging trends or developments in the field of mental health and wellness are you most excited about?

Marcus: “The trend that I am most excited about is regarding breaking the stigma. I believe that men have become more open to not having to carry the world on their shoulders and not speak about it. Every human being deserves to be able to have support to get through life.”

Fun Rapid-Fire Round

BLHF: Favorite self-care activity?

Marcus: “Training in the gym or a physical activity outside.”

BLHF: Go-to stress-relief song or playlist?

Marcus: “Lofi Music for stress relief.”

BLHF: Last book or podcast that left a lasting impression on you?

Marcus: “The Untethered Soul.”

BLHF: One piece of advice you wish you could give your younger self?

Marcus: “You do not have to look at the media and celebrities to dictate who you are. Be YOU!”

Closing Thoughts

BLHF: Any final words of wisdom or encouragement for young adults who may be struggling with their mental health?

Marcus: “Mental health is something that everyone experiences. We all have silent battles and trials in life. It is okay to not know or to be unclear on next steps. Be open to speaking with someone that can support you. No one is meant to do life on your own or to have zero issues. A person needs to be able to acknowledge when they need help rather than avoid the issue.”

Marcus’s dedication to promoting mental health awareness and his innovative approaches to therapy serve as an inspiration. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Marcus for his invaluable contributions to the field. 

Marcus Mason, EdD, LCPC, NCC
CEO and Psychotherapist
Minds In Motion Therapeutic Services LLC

Where to find me?

Instagram: @minds_in_motion_therapy
LinkedIn: Marcus Mason EdD, LCPC, NCC

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