MWSP is Temporarily Closed.

* Priority is given to first-time program participation.* 

      Participant Eligibility

    • Must have access to the internet or private space or environment

    • Comfortable receiving services through video and online platforms or in-person

    • Experiencing a decline in mental wellness due to life-changing events or impacted by social injustice against people of color;

    • Anxiety

    • Death of a loved one

    • Worry about completing your senior year or graduation

    • Worry about elder family members, friends, or those with compromised immune systems

    • Loss of community and physical connection

    • Lack of supplies or resources

    • Feeling anxious due to race relations and injustice against African Americans.


Services Offered:


    • Individual therapy sessions, virtual or in-person

      • Up to five (5), short term sessions as clinically indicated by the provider

    • Does not retroactively cover services received before approval or for out of network providers