Benefits of listing in Let’s Talk Resource Guide

The BLHF Let’s Talk Resource Guide is a comprehensive listing of mental health professionals, community organizations, products, and programs that support the mental health needs of African-Americans across the spectrum.

This guide offers an opportunity for you to list your services for the many African-Americans around the nation in need of support. We receive hundreds of emails requesting recommendations and we’re happy to be able to direct them to the Resource Guide. We do not vet listings, but do have in place, a policy that requires therapists to have appropriate, current, licensure.

Any misrepresentation or inappropriate listings will be removed.

How will BLHF’s Resource Guide be promoted?

The BLHF Let’s Talk Resource Guide will be:

– hosted on BLHF’s website

– posted on BLHF’s social media pages throughout each month and saved as highlight story

– posted monthly on our founder’s Instagram and Twitter pages with over 19 million viewers! Saved as highlight on IG

– featured in our newsletter with a spotlight on a chosen mental health professionals, products and organizations in each edition

– mentioned during BLHF interviews across media outlets (social, TV and print).